This is my page. I started the site to help family and friends stay connected despite us living in the other side of the ocean.


Bike Riding

Derek on a ride

What can I say? The bike riding here in Switzerland is great! Drivers here also seem to respect the rights of the cyclists. In Switerland, people get everywhere on their bikes. It is common for people to ride to work everyday even when it is raining. Laura and I have hooked up with a local club, click here to go to their website and check out the online ride photos. I try to ride to work now and then if the weather is good. It is about an hour in each direction.


Laura and Derek at First Laura and friends at Bettmiralp Copper and I skiing at Lenk Church at Bettmiralp

Skiing in Switzerland is skiing at its best. The Berner Oberland is only an hour away. Here you can ski from one town to the next.


Campy eating snow Copper trying to sleep The girls taking a mid-morning nap Are they asking or telling us? Campy looking so cute and proper Resting up before chasing something Copper and Campy's friend, Krystal

We have two adopted Greyhounds. They are both girls. Their names are Campy and Copper. Greyhounds are ideal pets, they are calm and quiet as well as being really fast. It is hard to be humble... Campy is named after the famous cycling parts manufacturer, Campagnolo. We love them so much.

Our Toyota

Our little Toyota

We aren't into cars but we like this one. It is a Toyota Carina. Not imported to the US. It is sized between the Corolla and Camry. It has a 16 valve 1.6 liter gas engine. It is supprisingly peppy despite the small motor.

Computer Stuff



I like this too. In Switzerland it is a year round lifestyle. On the cloudist days you see families running around enjoying their days outing. It is easier to remain active here. People walk almost everywhere. We did a lot of hiking in the fall. It is wonderful.



Remp is a world leader in laboratory sample storage and robot control. They also are a world leader in the cheese robot business. They have sent me all over the place. To check out their website, click here.

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