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Many people have asked Derek and I "why" we decided to move to Switzerland. That's a pretty loaded question so I'll give you the short version. Basically, I've always thought that life is too short to spend your whole life in one place. We love to travel and ride our bikes. Derek loves history, I love to see different cultures and ways of life. Living in Europe would allow us to fulfill some of our interests. European workers earn more vacation time than American workers, sometimes twice as much and sometimes more. I figured, If I could find work in Europe, I wouldn't need to fly across that huge ocean for my measly 2 weeks off per year and fight jet lag 2-3 days per flight, and I would still have weekends to see parts of Europe as well. Well, I lucked out and found a position in a nice dental office. I also have plenty of time off. Then, Derek found a job that would enable us to stay in Europe for even longer. Here's a picture of me at my office and my boss (chef), Dr. Burgener.