This is a page of our favorite links.

Our Hobbies

NMVS - New Mexico Velo Sport - Our bike team in Albuquerque.

Nob Hill Velo Team - The "other" Albuquerque racing team.

Schaller Bike - Local bike shop with the best road selection and a great group of riders.

RRC Bern - Bern Racing team

Chocolate (this ties in with Hobbies)

Chocolate - A site that shows some of the smaller confiseurs in Switzerland.

Cailler - My personal favorite.

Camille Bloch - Chocolate from the Canton Bern.

Frey Chocolate - Great chocolate from Migros stores.

Lindt Chocolate - One of the best known Swiss brands.

Toblerone - The most well known Swiss brand

Bern and area

Bern Guide - Some stuff about Bern.


EasyJet - Great site for flights between Zurich or Geneva to London and beyond.

Ryan Air - Low cost airline.

Inter Sky - Bern to Berlin or Vienna cheap.

Sky Europe - Another low cost airline from Zurich.

Air Berlin - Zurich to Berlin and beyond.

German Wings - Yet another low cost airline out of Zurich.

Rick Steves - Travel website with discussion forum.

Hostel World - Helps find hostels in all cities. You can book online too. Make sure you look at the ratings.

Work Related

Aush Technologies Inc. - Derek's old work.

Remp AG - Derek's new work.

Dan Martinez DDS - Laura's old work.

Other cool links

Adrian's Homepage - Adrian is great at getting everyone together.

Speedybar - Adrian's picture page from some of his sponsored Swiss events.

Drahtesel - Refurbishes old bikes to sell back to the paying Swiss public. A model for all social programs.

Terry Schreck - Somewhat political website of a would-be ex-patriot.

Webmonkey - A great resource for HTML builders.

Elizabeth Castro - Another great HTML resource.

Time - This is cool to look at.